(20354902) Trinity Folding G36 Stock (Aluminum Internal Style) - Tippmann A5

Trinity Folding G36 Stock (Aluminum Internal Style) - Tippmann A5

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The Trinity Foldable Stock For A5. One of the best upgrades for any weekend warrior with an A5 marker. Designed from durable military quality materials it's a must have item for any paintballer. Comes lifetime warranty by Bad Habitz Paintball inc.

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    • 2011-10-18
    I would have given this stock a 5/5 if it hadn’t been for the following issues, I did have to tweek it upon installation to get it as solid as I had wanted. First, there was quite a bit of wobble (1") at the end of the stock after installation (major complaint). I had to find a suitable rubber o-ring to fit around the mounting between the marker's body and the stock. After the o-ring was put into place there was absolutely zero lateral motion in the stock, very solid. Second, the spring in the folding stock is just a bit loose while the stock is open and at the marker's side. This is only a problem when you are running/dodging and it swings outward (minor compaint). Lastly, if you are using an A-5 with response trigger you will notice that the stock, when open and at the marker's side, places a slight amount of pressure on the external airline connection to the response trigger (minor complaint). I dremelled a little grove in the back of the stock to correct for it. Otherwise, after tightening it up, it's a great G36-style stock for the A-5. It's easy to install, well built (after tweeking) and looks awesome. I can only hope that the one I received was a fluke and that no one else would not have to face the same issues. Either way, I am rather pleased with it’s outcome and would recommend it.

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