(10350201) Trinity P50 .43 Caliber Training Pistol

Trinity P50 .43 Caliber Training Pistol

Price: $239.95

SKU: 10350201

The Trinity P50 .43 Caliber Pistol. It's a great scenario gun, with an authentic look. The RAM X50 training pistol is a paintball marker made in the likeness of a sidearm carried by officers and agencies like the secret service. This RAM pistol is authentic in weight, feel, and action, even down to the realistic kick of its blowback slide. This Marker can effectively fire .43 caliber paintballs or rubber balls at a range of 50-70 ft. The P50 training pistol can also be used as a paintball pistol and features an integrated accessory rail and a drop-out 9-shot magazine. The P50 pistol is powered by a single 12 gram CO2 capsule located in the grip of the paint marker. Includes one magazine and plastic case. CO2 and ammo not included.

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