(28370101) V-Force Armor Mask - Black

V-Force Armor Mask - Black

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This entry level paintball goggle features low-profile protection and optically correct vision. Ideal for novice and amateur paintball players who want maximum protection and clear vision.


  • Low profile ergonomic protection - Looks good with a minimum of surface area
  • Optically correct, undistorted clear vision - These lenses are rounded so you won't experience distortion at the top and bottom of the lenses like most paintball goggle systems
  • Patented quick-change lens replacement system - Long gone are the days where you had to spend 15 minutes just to change your paintball mask's lens. Snap, pop, and your lens is out. Just like that!
  • Clear-Vision Thermocured Non-fog Lens - These are single-paned lenses that have been chemically treated to resist fog
  • Durable, scratch-resistant Thermocured Hardcoat - The paintball field is a rough place! Your V-Force goggles resist scratching to the maximum!
  • Conveniently fits over most glasses

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