(28370701) V-Force Vantage Rental Mask - Black  - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE


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The "Mini-Profiler" raises your paintball game up to much higher levels. V-Force Paintball Vantage Pro is now available in a Rental Edition!

Standard Features:

  • Ultralight one piece paintball mask for ultimate mobility and speed
  • Low profile for "hard-to-hit" game advantage
  • ProGrille bounce area - A paintball is more likely to bounce without painfully slapping your jawbone
  • ProGrille soft rubber ProBounce visor - Another area that a paintball is more likely to bounce instead of breaking
  • V-Force thermocured non-fog and anti-scratch lenses - you'll never be out of the paintball game due to these goggles!
  • Crystal clear V-Force optics - See everything
  • Quick-Change lens - switch your lens in seconds!
  • Quick-Change strap - close contact, high security
  • 24 hour comfort foam - play all day, play all night
  • SafeLock - Sure you can change your lens quickly, but is it safe? Of course! The Goof-Proof lens & strap retention system ensures your paintball goggle will work safely
  • Safety standard at the highest level - ASTM, CE, PECC
V-Force Paintball Vantage Pro Rental Features:
  • Foamless hypo-allergenic polyseal - A true breakthrough in hygiene and cleanliness. (Patent Pending)
  • Hypo-allergenic, germ-free material. Goodbye to skin irritations!
  • Instant-dry polyseal. Say goodbye to soggy, sweaty foam! (Patent Pending)
  • One piece over-molded construction. Maximize durability!
  • Easy-clean polyseal
  • Increased durability means it retains new look and feel longer. Increased customer satisfaction!

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