(25300201) Viewloader Straight Shot T-Handle Squeegee

Viewloader Straight Shot T-Handle Squeegee

Price: $4.99

SKU: 25300201

Eliminate all frustrations related to a broken paintball in your barrel with the slick design of the Straight Shot Squeegee. Instead of taking valuable time to unscrew the barrel off your paintball gun, use the SS T-Handle squeegee as follows.

Push down on the spring-loaded end, opposite of the squeegee (it will push the squeegee head out). Insert the squeegee end into the barrel (keeping the spring-loaded end depressed). Once the squeegee is fully inserted, release the spring-loaded end, and pull the squeegee out. If you did it correctly, a large amount of paint should cascade out the front of your paintball gun's barrel. If you have a battle swab, insert that quickly to get every last bit of broken paintball residue out of your barrel, then resume firing.

If you don't have a battle swab, then pick a few of them up as well.

Don't be one of the thousands who suffer from Brokenpaintitis. Discover freedom with a good set of squeegees, the number one doctor recommended solution.

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