(14080150) Violent Series - PB Jelly - 1.3 oz/36 ml

Violent Series - PB Jelly - 1.3 oz/36 ml

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SKU: 14080150
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Violent Series - PB Jelly - 1.3 ounces / 36 milliliters

PB Jelly is a specially formualted premium paintball lubricant with Teflon. A synthetic base with the addition of Teflon micro-powders, promotes anti-friction and non-stick. Perfect for all paintball guns where a grease is required. From spool valve assemblies to high and low pressure regulators, a light coat is all that is needed for spool markers.

PB Jelly will NOT run, drip,evaporate,form gummy deposits,melt or seperate!

Lets face it, other lubes contain additives that are a gimmick and do not improve the performance of your Paintball marker. PB Jelly is a clear and clean lube and does not contain a color additive. Pb Jelly is odorless and does not contain a scent additive. PB Jelly is also non-toxic.

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