(14080160) Violent Series - PB Oil - 2 oz/ 56 ml

Violent Series - PB Oil - 2 oz/ 56 ml

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Violent Series - PB Oil - 2 ounces / 56 milliliters

PB Oil is a specially formualted premium paintball lubricant with Teflon. A synthetic base oil with the addition of Teflon micro-powders that bond to surfaces providing protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. Our thick formula outlasts the competition and keeps your paintball marker working at peak performance. PB Oil provides smoother operation and a more consistant cycle of moving parts.

Ideally suited for all markers where a oil lubrication is required. Great on blow back guns like the Tippmann98 and Kingman Spyder to electro pneumatic guns like Planet Eclipse EGO.

Like our PB Jelly, PB Oil does not contain additives that are a gimmick and do not improve the performance of your Paintball marker. PB Oil is a clear and clean lube and does not contain a color additive. Pb Oil is odorless and does not contain a scent additive. PB Oil is also non-toxic.

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