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Violent Series - Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 LPR Pressure Tester

Violent Series - Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 LPR Pressure Tester

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This is a must have for Ego LV1 owners. The LPR pressure tester allows you fine tune your pressure to make sure your marker is working at peak performance. No cheap gauge on this, we went with a quality gauge with a great tolerance for accuracy. 160 psi gauge range so you will not blow it in case of an LPR spiking issue.

Only For:
Planet Eclipse - Ego LV1

Operation Instructions:

  • 1) Make sure the LV1 marker is completely degassed.
  • 2) Remove the bolt, rammer cap then rammer from the LV1.
  • 3) Screw the pressure tester completely into the lower rammer tube.
  • 4) Air your LV1 up to see/set the LPR pressure.
  • -To turn the pressure up simply turn you LPR adjustment screw counter clockwise.
  • -To turn the pressure down simply turn the LPR adjustment screw clockwise. Keep in mind that the gauge will not reflect the pressure when turning it down. You will need to power your LV1 on and default the eyes so that you can cycle the marker an relieve the pressure store by the LPR.
  • 5) To remove the tester first make sure your LV1 is completely degassed.
  • 6) Remove the pressure tester and replace the rammer, rammer cap and bolt.
  • 7) Go to the field and mow some people down!

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