(12662002) Virtue Paintball Board - Ego 06

Virtue Paintball Board - Ego 06

Price: $49.99

SKU: 12662002
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The Virtue Ego 06 Board is here! Don't settle for alternatives that only offer minor improvements. Virtue Software has the most firing modes, is the easiest to use and program, and has the most advanced eye logic and trigger algorithms.

  • 80 gram micro switch reduces unwanted bounce
  • Optimized software for the Ego
  • Simple trigger programming
  • Removable microchip and expansion port
  • 7 Color LED with Instant On technology
  • 100% Tournament legal in all leagues
  • PSP ramping, NPPL semi, NXL full auto
  • Fully adjustable ramping, breakout mode
  • Lifetime warranty and free software upgrades through Virtue Paintball

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