Virtue Paintball Board - Halo / Reloader / Invert Too

Price: $59.99

SKU: 12662401

Upgrade the Engine of your Halo/Reloader/Invert Too with reliable, performance maximizing Virtue technology.

* Performance Optimized
* Multi-Sensor Technology(patent pending)
* Dual On-board Sensors
* Easily Adjustable
* USB Upgradeable
* RF Upgradeable
* Adjustable Speed Settings
* Jam Detection / Auto un-jam
* Battery level Indicator
* Lifetime Warranty

The all new Virtue Halo Board keeps your Halo running smooth and consistently with adjustable, performance optimized motor logic powered by dual On-Board Sensors (accelerometer & eyes). Plus, Multi-Sensor logic combines the hopper sensors with a wireless RF signal from your gun using upgradeable Virtue RF Modules. Instantly upgrade the software through an on-board programming port and Virtue USB adapter.

Adjustable Settings

* RF Sync
* Feed Speed
* Idle Speed
* Auto Shutdown Time
* Eye Mode
* Un-jam Force
* Motor Torque
* Accelerometer Sensitivity
* Motor Feedback Detection
* Eye Sensitivity
* Audio Control

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