(12663101) Virtue Paintball Board - Proto Matrix 05/06

Virtue Paintball Board - Proto Matrix 05/06

Price: $49.99

SKU: 12663101

The Virtue Paintball Virtue Upgrade Boards and chips are a serious upgrade if you seriously want to shoot fast. If your lucky enough to have a Virtue Board available for your gun you need to get it now. Pound for pound there is no other board out there as jam packed with features as these aftermarket paintball boards. Everything is customizable and every setting will help your gun throw down lane blocking amounts of paint. There Upgraded Eye Logic means your paintball gun can see clearly and only shoot when their is a ball in the breach. This is key when your maxing out your guns fire power.

"I would get a virtue board but it doesn't have an LCD." -Boring don't be that guy. If it really needed a LCD Virtue would have designed the board to have an LCD. The Fact of the matter is it doesn't need an LCD. Its not black magic or overly complicated either. All you do is look at the pretty LED light and you will know exactly what's going on.

"What about warranties?" Virtue Paintball warranties all of their Boards for LIFE, yes LIFE against defects. They also give free software updates for life. So if your concerned about buying a board and it being out of date after a week, your covered. Do yourself a favor, if you want to be competitive, there is no excuse not to pick up a Virtue Board.

Main Features:

  • Simple trigger programming
  • Fastest Microprocessor on the Market
  • Easy to Read Super Bright Multicolor LED
  • 7 adjustable firing modes
  • Thousands of Combinations of Ramping Modes
  • Fully adjustable, unlimited, Max Rate of Fire
  • 15 BPS Ready -Combatable with all Tournaments Circuits
  • 100% Tournament Legal (NPPL, PSP, NXL, CFOA, Millennium)
  • Advanced Virtue Eye & Trigger Logic
  • Adjustable debounce & mechanical bounce (AMB)
  • Adjustable dwell, eye sensitivity, anti-bolt stick & more
  • Adjustable Ramp Activation Speed and Ramp Percentage
  • LBI (Low Battery Indicator)
  • Extremely Battery Efficient
  • Forced shot
  • Instant on with power saving 10 minute idle auto shutoff
  • Lifetime warranty & lifetime software upgrades

Firing Modes:

  • Semi Auto - 1 Trigger Pull 1 Shot Fired. Virtue's enhanced trigger sensitivity and eye logic help this mode be the fastest semi-auto mode in paintball
  • Fully Adjustable Ramp Mode- You set when ramping starts, the ramp level and the MROF. Thousands of Possibilities at your fingertips.
  • Breakout Mode - First shot will be Full Auto Until you release the trigger then the Virtue Board defaults back into the ramp mode with your settings
  • PSP - PSP Legal when capped at 15bps. The first 3 shots are Semi Auto. After the 4th shot the marker ramps to the rate of fire your "Max Rate of Fire" is set to. Once the trigger is let go and 1 second elapses, the 3 shot Semi Auto count restarts.
  • NXL- NXL Legal when capped at 15bps. The first 3 shots are Semi Auto. On the 4th shot hold down the trigger, and the marker will shoot full auto at your Max Rate of Fire. Once the trigger is let go and 1 second elapses, the 3 shot Semi Auto count restarts.
  • Auto Response - Pull = 1 shot, Release =1 shot. Allows you to shoot twice as much in seconds.
  • Full Auto - Hold down the trigger and your gun will shoot at your current MROF or as fast as your hopper can feed.

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