Virtue Paintball Dual Sided Microfiber Gun & Goggle Cloth

Price: $9.99

SKU: 29660101

The Virtue Dual Sided Gun and Goggle Microfiber Cloth has two different sides, one side a more absorbent terry cloth microfiber and the other a finer weave for polishing. When you clean your goggle lens you can pick up the bulk of the goop with one side and use the other to get a super clean, streak-free finish. Don't you hate when you get the sun in your eyes while playing and all you see are those lines and swirls across your field of vision? Not anymore if you have this cloth!


  • Dual-Sided: Absorbent Microfiber on one side plus Polishing Microfiber on the other
  • Non-Abrasive: Won't scratch your lens or gun
  • Extra Large: 10x14", still fits in your pocket
  • Makes a great gun mat! Work on your marker at the field without parts rolling away.

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