(12664701) Virtue Paintball Laser Eye System - Halo - Blue

Virtue Paintball Laser Eye System - Halo - Blue

Price: $24.99

SKU: 12664701
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Get Virtue's advanced eye technology for your Halo Hopper. Virtue Halo Laser Eyes are drop in upgrade for your Halo hopper backed by a lifetime warranty. Never buy another set of eyes again.

Virtue's proprietary laser eye emitters actually draw less power than the stock eyes since it operates on a different spectrum than traditional IR. This offers an increase in battery life, and is a fun way to instantly confirm if your hoppers eyes are up and running. If you see the glowing transmitter, your know your hopper is good to go.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced eye operation
  • Improved battery life and reliability
  • Dual spectrum technology (DST): Infrared and visible light
  • Glowing laser eyes instantly confirms eye operation
  • Compatible with stock board and all aftermarket boards
  • Lifetime warranty through manufacturer

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