Virtue Paintball OLED Board - Proto SLG

Price: $184.99

SKU: 12661101
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Virtue OLED Board uses an Organic Display Screen to change the way you use your Proto SLG. Making changes in the programming menu is now easier than ever, but Virtue OLED doesn't stop there. The Virtue OLED Board Maintenance Monitor™ tracks bolt cycles using the gun's eyes and the Lube Monitor ™ will tell you when it's time to lubricate your gun. Virtue OLED's patent pending DT™ Technology improves your skills as a player by incorporating pro-level Drill and Training Modes into your board.

  • 30 Second Breakout Drill
  • Gun Up Drill
  • Reload Practice Drill
  • Reload Monitor Drill
  • Front Player Drill
  • ôOllie Lang" 3-Shot-Snap-Shot Drill
  • ôRussian Legion" 50 Shot Run and Shoot Drill
  • Training Mode

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