(29660207) Virtue Paintball VIO Thermal Lens - Chromatic Gold

Virtue Paintball VIO Thermal Lens - Chromatic Gold

Price: $44.95

SKU: 29660207

The VIO is equipped with a large lens, which provides a wide field of view. The dual thermal pane prevents fogging, while the anti-scratch coatings prolong the life of the lens. Most important of all, the lens can be changed in seconds to the Smoke, High Contrast or advanced Chromatic lenses.


  • Quick Change Lens
  • Large Field of View
  • Distortion Free Optical Clarity
  • Scratch-Resistant Coatings
  • Anti-fog Dual Pane Thermal Lens
  • Advanced Chromatic Lenses:Multi-layer, scratch resistant chromatic coatings increase eye comfort without affecting color appearance.

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