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Paintball Barrel Kits and Parts On Sale

Hustle Paintball has a complete line of all of the top paintball gun barrels including the best J&J Paintball barrels, Pathogen, Invert and Lapco, and we even supply paintball barrel covers. We know that stock barrels aren't always the best, which is why we wanted to supply our customers with options to upgrade to the best paintball gun barrels that work for the paint that they use. We know that each paint brand has varying paint sizes; we also know that a tight fit insures a great ball spin and increased accuracy. So we carry a variety of barrels to precisely fit your needs. We supply a complete stock of paintball barrel covers to keep your barrels clean, protected, and field safe. You will also find a complete selection of barrel covers, squeegees and thread adapters.

The J&J Performance paintball barrel is one of our best rated, most popular barrels that we sell. Beyond J&J paintball barrel we also have a complete line of Proto, Dye, Sly Equipment, Tiberius, BT, Empire, Invert and Tippman paintball barrels. We even have our very own line of competitive top quality paintball barrels: Pathogen Performance. It's level of quality easily competes with that of a ceramic barrel and has been exceeding what everyone thought a linear barrel could rise to. No one could have predicted the insane amount of attention and users the Pathogen has received. We were so successful with this line of barrels that we have created Generation 2 Pathogens with new spiral porting and a smooth bored tip for increased accuracy, as well as a super lightweight aluminum one-piece build. It's virtually weightless compared to other competitors.

Now that you have the perfect paintball gun barrels, you need paintball barrel covers to keep them field legal and safe. Our full line of paintball barrel covers gives you the freedom to pick a cover that matches your personality and supports your favorite paintball manufacturer. Our line of animal print neoprene covers keeps your new J&J paintball barrel sexy and safe.

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