Tippmann Paintball Guns
A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Hustle Paintball is proud to present a variety of Tippmann products. Tippmann paintball guns have been on the market for over 20 years and have established a reputation for producing quality, sturdy paintball markers that have the most innovative technology. Tippmann produced the A5 paintball marker with its cyclone feed system which feeds paintballs as fast as you can shoot them. The X7 paintball guns are the most personalize able markers on the market. It has a number of interchangeable parts which allows you to make the gun that you always wanted. The X7 has more advanced technology with the Cyclone EP and can unload 20 balls per second. Don't forget about the Tippmann 98 model this base model has a long history of providing continuous accuracy sand reliability. Its rugged construction can not only withstand the abuse of a hard day playing paintball but enjoys the intensive play seen on the woods ball field and even the tournament air ball fields.

No matter what version of paintball you like to play: woods ball, air ball, 7-man tournament or X-ball style this line of paintball markers will leave you with the best game you ever dreamed of having. You will notice a remarkable Increase in your accuracy, Increase in the amount of paint you can shoot, and the number of dead people walking off the field. All of your friends and enemies will be impressed and jealous of your new found skills.

Let Hustle paintball be your dealer for all of your Tippmann paintball gun needs. Let them be the fix that you have been looking for. With great reliable and fast service Hustle paintball can help get you on the field with your blazing new equipment in no time. You can be the talk of the field with your newly enhanced skills.
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