I called Hustle Paintball today...
    I called Hustle Paintball today... And I'm pleased to say that they're top notch when it comes to friendly, understanding, and patient service!

    I got an email from them to call them due to stocking issues, so I called prepared to hear that the Pinokio shells that I need are no longer available. Turns out, it was the cheapo speedfeed that I added to the cart so I could qualify for free shipping. Told the gent on the other side of the phone that I pretty much only added it in because I wanted the free shipping, and he very generously offered to refund the cost of the speedfeed (since it isn't carried anymore) and to still give me free shipping!

    Also will note that I called while I was working out in the field at a construction site, so it was loud and noisy, making it hard for me to understand what was being said at times. Hustle was very patient and courteous with me while I attempted to decipher what they were saying. As a bonus, I didn't have my order number handy since I was at the job site and using my "dumb" phone, and they still managed to pull the correct order up within the minuet. Finally, to top it all off, they shipped out my order just a few hours later and updated me with tracking info! It really doesn't get much better than that!

    Very impressed with you guys to say the very least, and I'll be ordering again from Hustle Paintball!
    You've made a returning customer out of me


    Helpful Experts on Staff
    Hustle Paintball provided me with excellent service!

    From the website to the Sales Reps, the information provided was very valuable. As a new fan of the sport, I lacked much of product knowledge to make a choice when it came down to purchasing a gun and equipment. With the assistance of Jay and Jeff, I was able to get the answers I needed in order to make the purchase I desired. You guys rock! Thanks again and best of luck in all of your future pursuits.

    Best Regards.

    James "Andrew" D. (Delighted Customer)
    Hustle Paintball is Always There for Me...
    ...Even on the day of my Wedding!

    Dominic in QC, Canada
    Newegg is Only 2nd Best
    Oh man, I don't think I've ever had customer service on the internet like this before. Well...Newegg is close, but YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!

    Rob Z.
    No Problem Delivery
    My package showed up today and there were no problems with the delivery. Luckily, no one could steal the box because my UPS driver is a master of disguise with the doormat.


    Todd H.
    I want to send you money for no reason
    I wanted to thank you guys for the absolute best possible deal on my Psiworx pro-connect 3 harness and hopper. Fast shipping and unbeatable customer service. Jeff was a great Thanks again Hustle paintball I refuse to shop any where else. - Terrance
    I love my new Geo3
    I just recently changed jobs which left my weekends wide open for the first time in years so it seemed all to right to use this as an opportunity to get back in to paintball... Well I was 100% in need of gear and my brother who had also recently gotten back in to paintball recommended that I go through Hustle to get my gear.

    This proved to be among the best advice I've gotten in a while. Not only were the guys at Hustle extremely professional and polite but they were always on top of the order status and always willing to help in the event of a hiccup... A good example is I recently pre-ordered a HAZE Geo3 from Hustle. The markers ship date was pushed back a few times and the guys were very good about keeping me in the loop every time a new date popped up. After the last quoted date had come and gone I decided I would stop in on this past Friday afternoon and see what the new date was.

    Well after skyping their Planet Eclipse and coming back with some rough news regarding the HAZE shipment the guys did something I NEVER expected. They pulled out the Embers2 model they had received earlier to do their product review and offered to let me have that one since there was no concrete date for the HAZEs. At the end of the day I left with my new Embers2 Geo3 which I am ecstatic about(!!!) as well as an entirely new level of respect for the amazing customer service at Hustle.

    I would like to thank you guys very much for all of your help and for being such an awesome place to go for paintball equipment, advice, and just plain fun.

    TLDR- If you're not shopping at Hustle, you're doing it wrong... TRiiKz http://www.pbriot.com/showthread.php?3751-Called-Hustle-Paintball-Today&p=33637#post33637
    Fast & Easy Communication
    Hello gents and ladies at Hustle. I wanna thank you all very much today for your fantastic customer service. Between the email response times and all the phone calls... All I have to say is, you guys live up to your reputation as "the best growing company on the market that still treats your customers like human beings."

    I wanna give special kudos out to Josh and Jeff both, for all the info on my Tippmann Alpha Black upgrades. I hope that you all continue to grow, because now I'll be a lifelong customer! I'll be sure to tell everyone I know to shop here also.

    Thanks again,

    Thomas S. (New Lifelong Customer)
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