Field Gear

Hustle Paintball covers all your paintball field equipment needs. Whether you need chronographs or fill stations, we've got your back. At Hustle Paintball we have top quality scales, fill stations and all around paintball field equipment. Pick up some field gear today to make it convenient for your customers at the paintball field. This will give you that professional set up without the heavy costs associated with the sport. All of our top of the line scales ensure accuracy and precision every time you fill a tank. Whether you want fill stations for CO2 tanks or HPA tanks, we've got the paintball field equipment to make it happen. Choose from our selection of CO2 fill stations and HPA scuba fill stations.

Ensuring field safety is also extremely important. Hustle Paintball is here to help with our variety of chronographs. Instantly read the velocity of any marker to check that everyone is playing on a fair platform, not exceeding 300fps. Make sure those playing on your paintball field meet regulations with our great collection of chronographs, fill stations and paintball field equipment.

Having some of these for personal use is also a good idea. Stop paying for tank fills and just have your own fill stations ready. Make sure that tank is perfectly filled every time with a quality CO2 scale, either digital or analog. Also check the velocity of your marker before going out to the field with one of our handy chronographs. Don't be caught at the field forgetting what you set your velocity to, know beforehand and make the necessary changes. No more hassle of taking your marker to the shop, do it yourself and save some money on labor. Bring the tech shop back to the comfort of your own home with all the paintball field equipment offered by Hustle Paintball.

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