The Invert mini paintball guns offer a promise that can not be turned down. Light weight, weighing in at just less than 2 pounds. Just think how fast you can run on the field. Scientific studies show that you can dramatically increase your running speed by carrying less weight. Do you want t be able to shoot fast? The invert mini paintball gun line solves that problem too. You will be shooting so fast that your friends will think that you are a machine. This new technology laden machine boasts state of the art P.C.P. pressure operating system, mini regulator ASA, slip steam solenoid, break beam anti chop eye, and a host of other advanced parts.

Not only do the invert mini paintball guns have the components on the inside to make you a rock star on the field but the outside rocks to. These machines come in a variety of sexy colors; black, blue, red silver, olive. No matter what your taste is, or what color is your momma's favorite color you will find an invert paintball marker that will suit their style. You will be looking fly running and gunning down the field, but be careful you might be mistaken for a pro. Of course that could be a good thing, depending on your point of view.

At Hustle paintball we have a complete line of Invert mini paintball guns and we want them to get into your hot little hands as fast as possible. We encourage the act of pretending to be a pro. We encourage you to run down the field in a blaze of glory. Just make sure you buy this hot little number through us.