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Hustle Paintball is proud to offer the best paintball masks and paintball goggles. We know wearing paintball goggles is required at every field and that they should be worn any time you are playing paintball, so we offer a variety of paintball masks to meet your needs. Our selection will both keep your eyes safe and keep you in on the latest styles and technology. Once you pick out and purchase the goggles that are right for you, we also carry a variety of replacement lenses and cleaners. We supply you with everything you need, from the goggles you want to the supplies you need to keep them functionally at their best.

Our paintball goggles range from top of the line, pro circuit tournament grade goggles to paintball masks that work for playing in the back field. We carry goggles from V-Force, Empire, Dye, Proto, JT, Gen X Global GXG, Save Phace Goggles and Kingman Spyder. For tournament grade goggles, check out the JT Spectra Flex 8 goggles. They are great goggles that have a tight jaw line and enough flex that you may even get a few bounces off the mask. For a more recreation play check out our Save Phace Jungle Justice paintball masks in camouflage. The stiff sides give you room to breath but still keep you small and invisible in the bushes. You will find every style of mask that you are looking for on our web site.

Now that you have picked out your favorite paintball goggles, be sure to purchase some lens cleaner. Cleaning your lens with traditional cleaners can be abrasive and cause scratches to your new lens. Using our special lens cleaners will get your lenses clean and helps decrease scratches, thus increasing the longevity of your lenses. Do not use paper towels, since they can scratch your lenses, so you want to be sure to use a special microfiber cloth that will not scratch your lenses. Even though you give your lenses the best care, a day will come when you need to replace your paintball masks - when that day comes we will be here for you.

All About Masks - We conduct an in-depth video to show you how to choose your next mask. We help you set your budget, find out what your money will get you, and review 13 of those most popular masks on the market. Even if you don't go with one of these 13, we discuss the 5 main aspects of how to choose your mask. Never buy a mask that you aren't 100% thrilled with again!

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