Shipping and Returns

Do CO2 or Compressed Air tanks come pre-filled?

Due to shipping regulations, compressed air (N2) and CO2 tanks can not be filled prior to shipment. Only single-use CO2 cartridges (PMI Spare Air or 12 gram cartridges, for example) can be shipped while filled.

Any single-use CO2 cartridges must be shipped via Ground shipment, to prevent cartridge rupture at high altitudes. There are no exceptions to this policy, for the protection of you, your product and the shipping staff who handles your package.

My order was damaged in transit, or arrived late.

All shipments are insured by the carrier. If your item is visibly damaged upon delivery, please immediately notify the shipping personnel who delivered the package. Please call or email us and we will begin processing the damage claim, which may take up to 30 days to be completed. Digital pictures of the packaging and damaged product will likely speed up your claim.

Upon approval of the claim by the shipping carrier, we will receive a shipping credit, which will then be passed on to you.

Only express shipments are guaranteed! If your express shipment takes longer to arrive than was guaranteed by the carrier, we will submit a Service Failure claim to the carrier. Similar to a damage claim, upon receipt of the credit from the carrier, we will pass the credit on to you.

Some examples of claims that will be denied are as follows:

  • "I paid for Third Day shipping and it's not here yet!" - A common misconception is that 3-Day Shipping means the package will be delivered on the third day. This is incorrect. For instance, if your order is shipped on a Thursday, it will be delivered on the following Tuesday (3 business days after the shipping date, not 3 business days including the shipping date).
  • "My product was shipped on Friday via Next Day Air and I didn't receive it until Monday!" - Only Next Day Air with Saturday Delivery shipments can be delivered on Saturday. If your product is shipped on Friday via Next Day Air, they will be delivered on Monday (1 business day later).
  • "I ordered my product on Monday with 3-Day Shipping and I didn't get it until Friday. That's 4 business days!" - Remember that the shipping transit times only apply to shipping transit. Additional time is required to process your payment, pack your order and get it ready for shipment. We will put higher priority on express shipments and do all that we can to meet your deadline, however processing and packing times must be taken into account.

If you have any questions regarding an express shipment, feel free to call in and place your order over the phone to ensure that there are no delays.

You're in Colorado, and so am I! Can I pick up my order?

Hustle Paintball, Inc has multiple warehouses around the country and product is often shipped in multiple packages. There is no shipping & handling fee for a Will Call order, provided that your product is all in one location and available for pickup.

We are more than happy to allow a Will Call order, but you must place the order over the phone and see if your order qualifies. Contact us directly, and one of our representatives will get that taken care of for you.