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Pathogen Super Grease - Ultra-High Performance Lubricant - 1 oz Tub

Pathogen Super Grease - Ultra-High Performance Lubricant - 1 oz Tub

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Pathogen Super Grease Tried and Tested Paintball Marker Grease

When it comes to your high-end paintball gun, regulator, or LPR, proper lubrication is required for good performance. You can't just use any old blend of toothpaste and glue to keep things "working." Pathogen completed their tireless research, testing, and correspondence with various chemical labs (you know, the trained professionals who do Lube for a living) to come up with the perfect formula of paintball gun grease. Don't put garbage in your gun that's useless, wears out quickly, or is downright destructive - Pathogen Super Grease is the only option if you need paintball marker grease for your application.

Pathogen's grease is the ideal product for spool valve guns, regulators, LPRs, Phenom or Crossover Flex Valves and more! If your manual says paintball gun grease, then this is the best option for you. Not only will it outlast conventional greases by 3-4 times, but it has excellent adhesion, so you won't end up shooting your valuable lubricant down the barrel of your paintball gun. Too many "paintball lubes" are so light that they just don't stick, forcing you to re-lube constantly. Pathogen Super Grease has an operating temperature range of -45 degrees F to 450 degrees F. It's doubtful that your paintball gun will ever experience temperatures outside of that range, so rest assured that hot or cold weather will not negatively affect the performance of your gun.

This paintball marker grease is a synthetic base with micro-powders added ensure anti-friction and non-stick. It will NOT run, drip, evaporate, form gummy deposits, melt or separate.

But wait there's more - instead of getting a tiny little squeeze bottle or flip-top cap with the excuse "a little bit goes a long way," you're getting a massive OUNCE of lubricant in a big, double-walled polypropolene jar with a lined, screw top lid. And the best part is, a little bit of Super Grease really DOES go a long way, so you get tons of it, and you don't need to use that much! You won't have to worry about opening your gear bag or toolbox and finding that grease has invaded your workspace, the Pathogen Super Grease container is leakproof - the only time the grease will be coming out of the jar is if YOU want it to. Don't gloss over the small details like this - you could have the best paintball gun grease in the world, but if you have it in a plastic baggie, you're gonna be hating life! The container it's in is almost as important as the gold inside.

Pathogen Super Grease Features:

  • Heavy-Duty, Extremely Slick Synthetic Grease designed for paintball guns
  • Outlasts conventional greases 3-4 times
  • Has excellent adhesion - lighter greases end up flying out your barrel, forcing you to constantly re-lube.
  • Impervious to water, and salt water - protects your valuable investment in all types of weather and situations
  • Clean
  • Non-staining
  • Non-toxic
  • Clear lube prevents your eyes from detecting a false fault and turning off (unlike colored lubes)
  • Synthetic base with micro-powders added
  • Anti-friction and non-stick
  • Will NOT run, drip, evaporate, form gummy deposits, melt or separate.

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