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X-Radar Handheld Chronograph (Measures FPS and BPS)

X-Radar Handheld Chronograph (Measures FPS and BPS)

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In order to safely and effectively play paintball, your paintball gun must have a safe muzzle velocity. A radar chronograph tells how fast the paintball is going when it leaves the barrel. It uses the same technology that Officer Smith used when he wrote you a $400 speeding ticket. Only now, it will make sure you don't leave a black welt on your friend's leg.

Industry standard is 300 feet per second (you should not play any where they don't check the velocity or where they let you shoot over 300fps). The X-Radar also will show the rate of fire of your paintball gun when you fire a string of paintballs over it.

Simply rest the X-Radar on the top of the barrel, about 1 inch from the end of your paintball barrel and shoot once. The radar waves get a accurate reading of the speed of the paintball. It has a easy to read hi-tech digital display and simple one button interface for quick operation even while wearing protective gloves. The tip of the paintball barrel never comes near the chronograph so you don't have to clean it or worry about it getting shot. Takes a standard 9 volt battery (not included).

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