(10620607) Azodin KD II Mechanical Paintball Marker - Emerald

Azodin KD II Mechanical Paintball Marker - Emerald

Price: $199.95

SKU: 10620607

The KD-II paintball marker is a refinement of its predecessor, the Kaos-D, and it brings mechanical markers to a new milestone once again. With the already reliable stacked tube blowback(STBB) platform and utilizing the revamped Zero-D low-pressure system, KD-II is now even more air efficient with an operating pressure of 225psi and higher consistency in every shot. The tool-less ZeRO-D system is now directly threaded onto the body for easier maintenance and reliability.

The KD-II features an improved trigger giving users a lighter and softer trigger pull than ever on a mechanical marker.

The KD-II also comes with a clamping feedneck to lock any loader tight in place, a refined 2-piece 14'' barrel (.689 bore) for greater accuracy, and the air-flow friendly angled regulator collar. The five combination of dust & polished colors offered are: Emerald, Aurora, Titanium, Blue King, and Ninja.


  • Light Mech Trigger - Allows for a better feel and higher rate of fire
  • Clamping Feedneck
  • Rock Steady Regulator
  • Dust/Polished Finish
  • Zero-D Low Pressure System
  • On/Off ASA
  • 2 Piece Barrel

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