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    Celebrating A Decade Of improvement and success.

    Price will be $1,499.95. Details will be released later this week so stay tuned for more information! Hustle paintball is your source for anything Luxe X related.

    The DLX Luxe has distinguished itself over the years as one of the best high-end markers available. No matter what generation of top performing markers that is being discussed the Luxe will most definitely be in that conversation. The Luxe markers provided an alternative electronic marker in the late 2000’s, when choices were limited. The new DLX Luxe X is expected to continue the Legacy by improving even more! This has been accomplished by the feedback of professional players that have worked with DLX Technologies over time. This feedback has led to this new and even more improved version X.

    We are as eager as ever to see what has changed and just how much better this tenth anniversary Luxe will be! The current Luxe has a smooth shot, is lightweight, and comes with a freak barrel from factory, but the DLX Luxe X will be even better from what we hear.
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DLX Luxe Ice Gun DLX Luxe Ice Gun In Stock - Order Now!
Our Price: $1,499.95
Sale Price: $1,199.95
DLX Luxe X Gun DLX Luxe X Gun Available Early February
Our Price: $1,500.00
DLX Technology Luxe X Accent Kits DLX Technology Luxe X Accent Kits Available Early April
Our Price: $135.00
DLX Luxe X Marker - FIRST IN LINE PASS DLX Luxe X Marker - FIRST IN LINE PASS More Info Coming Soon
Our Price: $100.00
DLX Luxe 2.0 OLED Paintball Marker DLX Luxe 2.0 OLED Paintball Marker Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Our Price: $1,650.00
Sale Price: $809.96
Savings: $840.04