(10030202) Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Combat ERC E-Frame Rip Clip

Empire Battle Tested BT-4 Combat ERC E-Frame Rip Clip

Price: $241.99

SKU: 10030202

The BT-4 Combat ERC Comes standard with the BT Electronic Grip Frame and BT Rip-Clip paintball loading system. The BT Rip-Clip Force Feed Loader keeps the paint flowing through your gun as fast as you can shoot. While the BT Electronic Grip frame offers several different firing modes to keep things interesting. The BT-4 Combat ERC is a full package with many upgrades that would be offered separately by other manufacturers, all included in one low price.

  • Slide-Away Feed Port for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Lightweight balanced construction
  • Impact Resistant Baked-On Coating
  • Modular Trigger System BT Electronic Grip Frame
  • Custom 2 Finger Trigger
  • Firing Modes: Semi-Auto, Ramping, Full-Auto
  • Sound Activated Electronic Loader
  • Offset Loader (for use with Sights and scopes)
  • Built in Rip-Drive for manual loading
  • Rugged Aluminum Construction
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Removable Grip Frame for Quick and Easy Upgrades
  • Works with CO2 or Compressed Air

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