(32530601) Guerrilla Air Cobra Coil Quick-Release Remote Coil System

Guerrilla Air Cobra Coil Quick-Release Remote Coil System

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Guerilla Cobra Coil the Paintball Remote Kit You Need

Are you ready to move your game to the next level? Do you want to lighten your maker and improve your accuracy? Then you need to add a paintball air hose like the Guerilla Cobra Coil paintball remote kit. Adding a remote kit will allow you to lighten your gun since you won't have the tank attached to the marker. You will also be able to control your aiming better since the bulky mass of your tank will be behind you. A remote coil system also saves on O-rings. Every time you unscrew your tank the pressure from the connection rushes out causing damage and ultimately destroys your O-rings. A paintball remote kit also keeps liquid CO2 from escaping into your marker. These leaks can corrode the inner working of your marker resulting in costly repairs and potentially the need to replace your paintball gun.

Once you are ready to upgrade your paintball air hose you need to choose the one that was designed for paintball players by paintball players. The Guerilla Coil is exactly that. It is one of the most popular coils for a reason. The coil comes with a heavy duty superior connection, the cobra connect holds pressure in the line rather than bursting out damaging the O-ring on your tank. The push button quick disconnect allows you to separate yourself from your equipment so you can easily visit the closes facilities or just take a break. This paintball air hose remote kit is going to make you faster and better on the field. Don't wait another minute order it now.

    Guerrilla Cobra Coil Paintball Remote Kit Features:
  • Heavy Duty
  • Push Button quick disconnect
  • Made with the Guerrilla Air quality you know and love!

    Number of Ratings: 16
     4.3/5.0 Stars
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    Number of Reviews: 11

    • 2013-01-07
    Great product. Would highly recommend.

    • 2012-12-15
    Great remote line. The first time I used it it started leaking through a hole but it turned out I forgot to put the o-ring inside, it worked perfectly afterwards. I didn't have any kind of issue afterwards, it was simply great,

    • 2012-10-29
    had too many problems with this remote not even brothering to do anything about it since i just got to try it out last saturday and it has been months (or a year i dont remember) since i bought it. the main problem i had later during the day it wouldnt air up my gun at all. i do remember i had good customer service though from here so i give the remote a 1 and the customer service a 5.

    • 2012-10-24
    i have this problem: i screw it on my bottle and when i turn the screw to let the air flow (screw it IN) it (the air) comes out the litte hole in the upper half of the "head" (between screw and line)

    • 2012-09-27
    This is a game changer... But I think it works best when the air tank is carried as a backpack or back harness instead of it being around your waist in a pod harness because it will slow you down a bit...

    • 2012-09-21
    great remote line, easiest to disconnect under pressure and waste little air during disconnect. Rebuild is also very fast and easy

    • 2012-09-14
    Truly an amazing remote Watch the video. It's amazing. I love it. I was going to switch my old remote to my other marker, but I think I'm just going to buy another of these instead.

    • 2012-09-09
    look no further, best coil I've had

    • 2012-07-04
    Great remote Don't even bother with any model that includes a slide-check, these things are easier to use and maintain. The newer model Cobra Coils come with a darkened finish on the connect/disconnect fittings which looks great. Tightly coiled but extends easily.

    • 2012-06-21
    Very easy to use, has yet to blow any O rings like slide checks do. I absolutely love this remote.

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