(28000101) Hustle Paintball Kit Mask

Hustle Paintball Kit Mask

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Here at Hustle Paintball, our customers know that no matter what they are getting the highest quality products. We stand by that even when making our packages. From time to time, we will receive higher quality masks from our manufacturers, and throw them in as a free upgrade in our custom made packages! So the look may vary, but the quality is always outstanding! Which means more comfort, and less worrying about not being able to see on the field. You'll be getting the best mask out of any other paintball package! Regardless, the mask will always include some basic features.


  • Full face protection (goggles and lens included)
  • Adjustable goggle strap for maximum safety and comfort
  • ASTM certified lens
  • Protection covers your ear and the side of your head (Note - this mask, as is typical of paintball masks, does not cover the top or back of your head)

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