(24280302) J&J Precision 4 Piece Edge Barrel Kit - Ion/Impulse

J&J Precision 4 Piece Edge Barrel Kit - Ion/Impulse

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The J&J Edge 4-Piece Barrel Kit is a precision machined paintball barrel system. Every back in the set is measured three times during quality control for accuracy and engineered to greatly increase the performance of your paintball gun.


  • Includes 3 control bore barrel backs at 5 inches in length
  • Includes 1 Front - 12" in total length
  • Bore sizes are .688, .691, and .693
  • Includes padded protective carrying case
Before playing paintball, put a paintball in the breech of your barrel back. You should be able to blow the paintball through the barrel back without too much difficulty. If you cannot blow the paintball through, try a bigger bore size, and if the paintball rolls down the barrel, immediately switch to a smaller size.

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