(24280201-0) J&J Precision S2 Paintball Barrel Black

J&J Precision S2 Paintball Barrel Black

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SKU: 24280201-0
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This is a new addition to the Ceramic line of paintball gun barrels. The J&J Series 2 Ceramic barrel is actually an aluminum paintball barrel with a special ceramic coating to give it a low-friction, super-slick surface. A proprietary material is injected into the pores of the aluminum while the ceramic is being applied, resulting in the slickest surface in the paintball.

With creative machining applied to the Series 2, it has the appearance of a two-piece paintball barrel, but is in fact a single piece. It comes in a .688 bore and has a very economical price.

A paintball rarely breaks in this Series 2 barrel, but even when they do, simply continue firing to clear the Series 2 barrel (that´s the "self-cleaning" in action). These barrels are quiet, light, and accurate.

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