(29300801) JT Vortex II Cyclonic Fan System - Spectra / Elite / Proteus Series - Black

JT Vortex II Cyclonic Fan System - Spectra / Elite / Proteus Series - Black

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Is fog always winning no matter where or when you play? The first step to a fog free game of paintball is a thermal lens for you goggle system. The Vortex fan is a close second! Designed to circulate air inside the mask this little fan combined with a thermal lens will prevent fog in Alaska at 10°F, 120% humidity, and panting from a 100yrd sprint. These fans are so powerful you can play with them turned off, then once you fog up, switch them on for 10-20 seconds and completely remove fog from you lens. If your fan is loud just add a few drops of paintball marker oil to the drive shaft and its back to stealth hunting! If fog is your enemy, step up your game!


  • Quick Fog Elimination
  • Toggle Switch On/Off - saves your battery life!
  • Cyclonic Fan System Transfers Larger Volume of Air than previous models
  • Seamless Integration with Spectra, Elite, and Proteus Series Masks
  • Secure Snap-In Attachment
  • Runs on 1 AAA Battery - Included
  • Color: Black

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    • 2012-07-12
    I use a Flex 8 mask, and I find that the thermal lens does keep the fog away for a while, but eventually I do get fogged. This fan works really well at getting rid of the fog, and keeping it away. I usually turn it on for about 10 seconds and I am clear again. I have read some concerns about the noise. I can say that when playing woodsball, the fan is loud enough to keep me from hearing approaching players, but that nobody has ever said they can hear my fan. During speedball matches, I can keep it on and not worry about all that. I have read that some people reduce the noise with a drop of oil on the shaft of the fan, but after taking everything apart as far as I can without breaking plastic or solder, I dont see any way to get at the fan shaft to do this myself. Overall I am very happy I bought this fan.

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