(25270426) Lapco Barrel Adapter - A5/X7/ProCarb to Autococker - Black

Lapco Barrel Adapter - A5/X7/ProCarb to Autococker - Black

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SKU: 25270426

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The Lapco Barrel Adapters are geared toward the player who just acquired a new marker but cant let go of his / her favorite barrel. Barrel adapters are made of the same high grade aluminum as Lapco barrels. They also feature a killer inner bore that wont interfere with accuracy.


  • Precision Crafted US Manufacturing
  • US Made High Grade Aluminum Manufactured to Military Standards
  • Very low friction. (needs less air/gas)
  • Self-Cleans Through Ball Breaks
  • Much Improved Accuracy
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Performance Not Affected by Cold or Warm Temperatures
  • Converts a A-5/X7/ProCarb Barrel to an Autococker threaded Gun

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    • 2012-08-06
    This adapter is very nice for an adapter, its machined well, i got it to put my apex barrel on my etek 3, however i noticed the barrel would not thread in all the way, this adapter also seemed to affect bore sizing as the apex barrel wasnt as small of a bore as this adapter, also this adapter kept getting stuck on my etek and i really had to torque on it to get it off, so i decided to see if i could just get an apex tip adapter, this isnt a bad adapter i just didnt think it was worth ruining the look of my etek with this ugly adapter so i no longer use it, however it would look nice on a polished black gun, and would do the job nicely under a shroud

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