(24271602) Lapco BigShot Assault - TPX - 0.690 - 8 inch - Bead Blasted Black

Lapco BigShot Assault - TPX - 0.690 - 8 inch - Bead Blasted Black

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SKU: 24271602

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The Lapco BigShot Assault 8" Barrel has a .690 bore size and has a Bead Blasted Black finish


  • Precision Crafted US Manufacturing
  • Inside: Bar-Honed to Mirror Finish
  • Outside: Anodized Matte Finish
  • Concentric Bore. (Centered and consistent barrel bore)
  • US Made High Grade Aluminum Manufactured to Military Standards
  • Very low friction. (needs less air/gas)
  • Self-Cleans Through Ball Breaks
  • Much Improved Accuracy
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Performance Not Affected by Cold or Warm Temperatures
  • Threads: TPX
  • Bore Length: 7" Barrel / 8" with Tip
  • Bore: .690

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    • 2015-02-24
    I bought this barrel for both the upgrade from the stock TIPX barrel and the look. First off the barrel is one of the finest barrels I have ever used or seen. The finish is very high quality and also high class. It fits in both the TPX and TIPX markers. The polishing in the bore is mirror smooth. It is very obvious that Lapco cares for each product they put out and their attention to detail is impressive to say the least. In paintball you get what you pay for more often than not. In this case you pay a premium for a high quality barrel from a manufacturer in the United States and that's exactly what you get.

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