(24273101-0) Lapco Fuse Barrel Kit - Desert Edge Edition

Lapco Fuse Barrel Kit - Desert Edge Edition

Price: $194.99 - $235.99

SKU: 24273101-0

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The new Fuse system was developed by Lapco with help from Team Desert Edge. This cutting edge design gives you the best performance possible from a paintball barrel. Full 8.5 inch control bore ensures the best fit and consistency from your paint. Different tip lengths and styles give you the option for whichever look you need. The backs are also compatible with Eclipse Shaft 4 tips so you can keep flying the colors of your flag. The five rows of two step porting provides optimal pressure equalization and a reduced sound signature. Self cleaning is not just a buzzword here, the mirror finish bore gives almost zero drag and cleans in a blink of an eye. Top that all off with a padded, hard-sided case for protection and storage!Features:

  • 8.5 inch control bore
  • Backs available in sizes: 0.680, 0.683, 0.687, 0.691
  • Compatible with Eclipse Shaft 4 Tips
  • Five row, two step porting
  • Reduced sound
  • Self cleaning
  • Ultra light weight
  • Includes hard-sided, padded barrel case

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