(19270202) Lapco MP5-Style Gas Through Magazine - A5 (2011 Style, Serial #525000 or higher)

Lapco MP5-Style Gas Through Magazine - A5 (2011 Style, Serial #525000 or higher)

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The Lapco A5 MP5 Style Magazine.

The MP5 Mag Kit is the perfect modification for A-5 owners. The placement of this magazine is set closer to the trigger guard giving it the most authentic MP5 magazine look on the market. This magazine is made of a high grade polymer that will not weigh you down yet maintains strength and toughness. This kit is compatible with the new 2011 Tippmann A-5's (with Serial Numbers 525000 or higher, regardless of if it's basic trigger frame, response or Hall Effect Electronic. If your Tippmann is 524999 or lower, you'll need the older-style magazine.

    Number of Ratings: 2
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    Number of Reviews: 2

    • 2012-06-02
    This mag is great Looks good and is lightweight It will get you noticed and will get you compliments Although it can scratch easily that wont bother. So i give it a 4.5 out of 5. Thanks and the shipping was great too

    • 2012-03-07
    Lightweight and SOLID Another awesome product from Lapco Two things I'll mention about it from my application of it onto a 2011 A-5. First, if seems that the magazine's mounting around the marker's ASA and trigger assembly was optimally designed for use on the 2011 HE trigger frame. If you are using a mechanical 2011 A-5 (response trigger in my case) you will note that the trigger frame is ever so slightly wider thus distorting the magazine's mount outward a bit (slight gapping). This was easily remedied for me by marking out and sanding down the trigger frame appropriately to incorporate the new magazine. Afterwards it sits perfectly flush with the marker and the trigger frame (looks GREAT). Secondly, I chose not to use this magazine as it was intended with a standard gas-thru line. I was able to instead run additional plumbing parts from the tombstone down and out the backside of the magazine's body to incorporate my remote line. This mod turned out perfectly I mention this only because Lapco designed the inside of the magazine body with just enough free space to easily accept this change. Despite having to modify my marker to accept the magazine as I wanted, this magazine is still so cool afterwards that it easily receives a five-star rating from me. Again, most importantly Lapco did a GREAT job making this magazine very solid, very lightweight and very cool looking.

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