(10050105) MacDev Clone GTi - Black/Green

MacDev Clone GTi - Black/Green

Price: $1,499.00

SKU: 10050105

The Clone GTi is a revelation in high end paintball markers. Those familiar with the Clone line of markers will not be surprised by its sleek lines, quality construction or quiet, efficient shot. However, both new and old users will enjoy the new features introduced in the GTi model Clone.


  • Powerful, industry leading electronics. The GTi includes an amazingly powerful pair of processors necessary to run all of the new electronic features:
    • - In grip digital pressure readout
    • - Colour OLED
    • - Future connectivity options (USB, bluetooth module)
  • New contoured wrap
  • The new GTi wrap is contoured to fit your hand - thick at the bottom, thin in the middle and mid range at the top. It also has a nice logo...Tool-less pullout drive
  • The Clone GTi drive is fast, efficient, and easy to work on. Incorporating a venturi cap bolt, and GTi spec valve, you can be certain of high performance at all times.
  • Tool-less clamping feed
  • The MacDev tool-less clamping feed allows you to adjust your clamp anytime - no hassles. Venting ASA
  • The Venting ASA allows you to easily turn the air on and off, venting excess air for your safety.
  • Hose-less design
  • No hoses - no tangles - no worries! Change hands without interference, hold your grip however you like, or just impress your friends...
  • Ergonomic front regulator
  • Pressure in the gun is controlled by a high performance, reliable regulator. The regulator body itself is 3D shaped to give you an ergonomic front grip spaced to give you optimum running and standing accuracy.
  • 3 Piece Shift Barrel
  • The Clone GTi is shipped with a Shift 3 piece barrel. The unique 3 piece design gives the performance of a 2 piece barrel in the convenience of a 3 piece - no other 3 piece barrel is this accurate.

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