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Pathogen 2 & iFIT Complete Barrel Kit - 9-Piece 14 inch

Pathogen 2 & iFIT Complete Barrel Kit - 9-Piece 14 inch

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Increase Your Accuracy with a Pathogen 2 Barrel and iFIT Paintball Barrel Kit
The best way to increase your accuracy is to add a paintball barrel kit. It's really that simple. Now, you might be wondering why do I need barrel kit? Well, it has something to do with paintballs not being exactly the same size from every box. As paintballs are produced there are inconsistencies in each lot. Some paintballs will be larger than other by a thousandth of a mm. That minute difference is all it takes for your paint to have an awkward spin and end up hitting the bunker next to your target instead of their head. Paint is also affected by weather, if the boxes are shipped in the dead of winter they can shrink, if they are sent in the summer they can expand. In short you cannot trust that every paintball you put in your marker will fit your barrel perfectly.

So, how do you get the accuracy you need to dominate on the field? You add an iFIT paintball barrel kit like the one that comes with a Pathogen 2 barrel. Each day before you play you test a handful of your paintballs. Drop one into a sleeve, blow on the end of the insert. You paint should fly smoothly once you give it a good puff of air. If the ball slides out of the sleeve, go smaller. If you can't blow the paintball out try a larger sleeve. Once you have the perfect sleeve you will see that your paint spins at just the right speed and shape to help you be as accurate as possible.

Taking your game to the next level is easy once you invest in an iFIT paintball barrel kit. Getting one that includes the Pathogen 2 barrel ups your game even more. These barrels are among the most popular for a reason, they are durable and accurate, adding a iFIT barrel kit will just super enhance its accuracy.
Pathogen 2 Barrel and iFIT Paintball Kit Features:
Includes 9 Bore Inserts
Includes Durable plastic case to protect the inserts
Laser cut foam insert in the case to protect your inserts

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