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Pathogen Complete Maintenance Kit - N2

Pathogen Complete Maintenance Kit - N2

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Pathogen Complete Maintenance Pack - HPA

The ultimate steal, get everything you could ever need for your gun, goggles, and your tank all in one place for an unbelievable price. Only $24.99 for all of this?!


  • 20 pack of Tank O-Rings
  • 1 oz. Bottle Pathogen Marker Oil
  • Battle Swab Squeegee
  • Proflex Squeegee
  • Gun Cleaning Cloth
  • Pathogen Microfiber Lens Cloth
  • 2 oz. Bottle Pathogen Lens Cleaner
  • Tank Thread Protector
Pathogen Paintball Marker Oil 1oz.

It's pretty simple, really. You have a paintball gun, you like to shoot people, and you don't wanna mess around with a poorly functioning gun.

So get some marker oil, and all you need to do is put a few drops of this magic elixir on your moving parts (bolt and striker, mainly) every week or so. It might help if you clean the parts off first, but hey, who's keeping track?

Marker Oil
Pathogen Battleswab Squeegee

The bane of a paintball player's existence is, without a doubt, broken paint. When a paintball breaks in your barrel, all chances of an accurate shot are out the window until you can clean your barrel. But you don't have the time to completely remove your barrel and pull a swab through it! You'll get lit up! So use the battle swab, simply push the battle swab in, pull it out, and continue playing, with a newly cleaned barrel.

This folds up easily to fit in your pocket, but there are a thousand ways to carry a battle swab within easy reach. Carry multiple ones, chances are, one of the other members on your paintball team will need one. Be the hero, carry two battle swabs.

Rubber Pull-through Paintball Squeegee

This squeegee features rubber discs to pull paint and paintball shell out of your barrel with one pass. One piece rubber construction lasts forever!
VL Proflex Squeegee

Paintball Marker Cleaning Cloth

Keep your marker working great and clean as a whistle!

  • Loop weave for maximum absorbancy
  • 10 3/4" x 10 3/4" at 20 Grams

20 Tank O-Rings for Fuel Supply Seal

Only ours have UltraSlip, the proprietary internal lubricant for Nitrile (Buna-N) and Ethylene Propylene (EP/EPDM) o-ring compounds. It was developed for use in applications where incredibly low breakout friction and low running friction are required (like paintball! The enemy of your paintball gun's internals is friction). This specially formulated internal lubricant provides the lowest coefficient of friction for any o-ring when compared to moly-disulfide, silicone, or wax. Aside from moly-disulfide (which most people haven't heard of), we're sure that those are several of the slickest materials you've heard of. Until now. Our o-rings are slicker and stronger than those pretenders.

  • Incredibly low breakout friction
  • Low running friction
  • Internally lubricated
  • Low cost through Hustle Paintball!

Pathogen AR Kleen Goggle Cleaner - 2 oz.

Fog is paintballs worst enemy, this has been known throughout the life of the game. Why waste your time with a product that smears the fog only so that it can accumulate back in a matter of seconds? That's right, JUST DONT. Pathogen's line of AR Kleen Goggle cleaner not only cleans off debris, mud, smudges, fingerprints, but it gets rid off the fog, and prevents it from coming back! It's special formula leaves a thin coating of this cleaner on your lens even after you wipe it away. This cleaner actually increases the degree of anti-fog coating on your lens! Also you can use Pathogen Lens Cleaner anywhere not just on the field, reading glasses, sun glasses, camera's, even your computer screen!

Pathogen Goggle Cleaning Microfiber Cloth

The one thing every paintball players wishes he had the moment he needs it, is a nice, clean micrifiber cloth to clean off his mask in the heat of battle. He's already used his jersey, his t-shirt, and the jersey the guy in front of him is wearing. So instead of sitting behind a bunker, wishing you had bought that Pathogen Microfiber Cloth so that you could see who's paintball's are wizzing by your head, pick one up that way next time that guy who gets you out EVERY SINGLE TIME, gets a paintball in the face!

Pathogen Microfibers are the one and only way to go! Other materials scratch or leave smears and residue on your lens, only Pathogen Microfiber Cloth's remove debris, prevent smearing, and leave a squeaky clean (and unscratched) lens. Unlike others, Pathogen Cloths are re-usable. Pop that sucker in the wash when you get home and its as good as new!

Kingman Thread Protector - No more worrying about damage from traveling or dropping your tank. This cap is the easiest and cheapest protection you can buy for those threads! Protects your tank from any unwanted damage! Hustle Note: may come in different color than pictured

Kingman Nipple Cover w/ Leash - The fill nipple on your compressed air tank is small, but very very important. Without it, your tank would be completely useless. So why not protect your fill nipple on your tank?! Hustle Note: may come in different color than pictured, also we encourage that you protect your nipples, i swear its like a highschool locker room out there on the field...

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