(24100103) Pathogen M-4 Barrel Kit - A5/X7/Phenom/BT-4 - 16 inch

Pathogen M-4 Barrel Kit - A5/X7/Phenom/BT-4 - 16 inch

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Pathogen M4 Tactical Barrel Kit

New Pathogen M4 .68 Caliber Tactical Rifled Barrel. The high quality of Pathogen mixed with that of these rifled M4 barrels will give you the best performance on the field! The new M4 Pathogen Tactical Rifled Barrel is designed for scenario paintball markers such as those from Tippmann, BT Paintball, and Kingman! These barrels are designed to accept a handguard, front sight, rail system and even grenade launchers! These new M4 barrels are designed with the looks and performance that you can only get with a Pathogen.

The Pathogen M4 is the most reliable and stylish way to create a scenario marker. The pathogen brand M4 barrel, being modeled after the best military issue combat M4 barrels, can accommodate any tactical accessory such as rails, mounts, laser sights and grenade launchers without making any changes to the marker or the barrel.

With pathogen comes looks, a better feel, and of course a great performance increase. Pathogen....Destroy The Competition.

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