(16320118) Pinokio P250/400 Hopper - Smoke

Pinokio P250/400 Hopper - Smoke

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The Pinokio P250/400 Hopper Smoke.

From concept to creation, the Pinokio Hopper is revolutionizing the industry and playing field alike. It is the world's only 250-round electronic hopper that is actually a two-in-one hopper, fully maximizing lane shooting with a volumizer round attachment that makes it a 400-round hopper. The Pinokio's feed rate surpasses the 30+ balls per second benchmark, and is one of the lightest hoppers on the market, weighing in at just under 15.3 oz per unit and just over 1 lb with the volumizer attachment installed. The Pinokio comes packaged with two fronts, one smaller and compact for speed ball, and the other larger capacity attachment for scenario/woodsball. The fronts remove and install in 10 seconds without tools, allowing for on-field switching. Want a lighter weight loader while hiking over to take the fort, but then need more capacity to hold the objective for points? The Pinokio lets you change as the game situation changes. However, as more and more tournament back players see its capability for locking down lanes, they too are choosing to use the larger capacity. The Pinokio's 30+ BPS rate of fire is battery-friendly. The Pinokio has been extensively tested for battery consumption and has the ability to rip through 37 plus cases of paint on just two 9-volt batteries.


  • 30+ balls per second
  • 250 and 400 Round capacity
  • Uses 2 9-Volt Batteries (Not Included)
  • 2 attachments included:PL250 for Speedball and PL400 for woodsball/Scenario
  • Available in Black, Smoke or Clear

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    • 2012-01-02
    This is a great, simple to use (one button) hopper. The hopper is on the tall side, but with a 240 ball capacity it has to go somewhere. Pretty light even with it's size. I honestly don't notice the size when I am in a marker battle. The motor only spins when a ball hits the bend sensor. So no continuous motor sounds as your loader is trying to load a ball that isn't there. Smoke shell is pretty durable. I have seen one dropped down a flight of steps with only some scuffing to show for it. The mouth is the standard Halo size so speedfeeds are plentiful. The larger nose attachment, while fun, isn't something I use unless I am in a big game. Still fun to play with though. All in all it isn't as flashy as the higher end loaders like the Prophecy Z2 or Rotor. But it also comes in at a much lower price point than those. If the size isn't a turn off this loader is very hard to beat.

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