(14751301) Replacement Slide Check O-Ring for Remote Coils (10-pack)

Replacement Slide Check O-Ring for Remote Coils (10-pack)

Price: $4.99

SKU: 14751301
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Everyone with a remote coil and a slide-check knows how bad it is to have a leaking coil. The slide check is SUCH a useful invention, but due to it's design, it can wear out relatively quickly - never fear - with simple tools, and about 1-2 minutes, you have the o-rings replaced and be up and running once more. Most often, it's just a simple fix - replace the shredded or otherwise damaged o-rings in the slide check, lube it a TINY bit, then you're all set. This 10-pack ensures that you will be happy on the field, time and time again. Easy installation, but call us if you have any questions!

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