TECHT Paintball Sling Pin with Magpul PTS Sling - A5/X7/X7 Phenom

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The TECHT Sling Pin allows A5, X7, and X7 Phenom users to easily attach tactical slings to their markers. The Sling Pin can be attached anywhere a body pin is used on the marker. Just slide in a Sling Pin and screw it together. You now have an easily positionable point of attachment that can be used with any tactical sling. The Sling Pin Combo consists of the pin and a MagPul MS3 tactical sling. Easy to adjust and very comfortable for all players. Why buy just any sling on the market? The Sling Pin Combo gives you one of the best slings on the market and a great new way to attach it to your marker, all at a great price!Features:

  • Attaches easily to anywhere on the marker that uses a body pin.
  • Durable construction.
  • High Quality Magpul Sling that comes in 3 different color options. Black, Tan and Olive.

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