(16230201) TechT Paintball Tippmann Cyclone Feed Upgrade Ultimate Kit (Black)

TechT Paintball Tippmann Cyclone Feed Upgrade Ultimate Kit (Black)

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SKU: 16230201

The Ultimate TECHT Cyclone Upgrade Kit

You love your Cyclone feeder we know this and who wouldn't. But what if we told you could make it even better with a TECHT Cyclone upgrade kit. Investing a little bit of money into paintball accessories like this feeder upgrade kit is going to take your feeder to next level. This amazing kit has everything you need to make your cyclone feeder as efficient as possible. With six little parts you'll make your feeder faster, smoother and more reliable with less kick from your internals! Each of the Cyclone upgrade kits come with the top 6 paintball accessories that TECHT makes.

    TECHT Cyclone Upgrade Kit includes:
  • TechT Paintball QEPH- Quick Exhaust Piston House vents the air used to advance the loader which means faster loading with low pressure.
  • TechT Paintball Lightening Rod - Designed to yield higher rates of fire, and increased air efficiency.
  • TechT Paintball Vortex Mod – This is a permanent solution that makes the cyclone into the fastest, and most reliable loader available.
  • TechT Squishy Paddles- Soft paddles eliminate breakage due to brittle paint and cold temperatures.
  • TechT Zero Kick Hammer- This hammer is half the weight of the stock hammer, less moving weight means quicker shots and less kickback force.
  • TechT Gun Sav- As one of the best lubes on the market it works perfect for the internal and external upgrade parts in this kit.

Your new TECHT Cyclone upgrade kit will work with the Tippmann A5, Tippmann X7 or 'Cyclone Feed Equipped', Tippmann 98 and US Army Alpha Paintball gun. Once your new paintball accessories arrive it will only take a matter of minutes for you to install them and hit the field. You'll be able to shoot close to 26 balls a second with a pressure as low as 200 psi and your paint will shoot rather than break no matter how cold it is outside. Over all if you want to advance your cyclone from great to amazing, then you need this kit.

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    • 2013-06-21
    Parts fit right in. Had to lower FPS. In all gun shoots better.

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