(10561601) Tiberius Arms T8.1 Paintball Pistol - SOCOM Edition

Tiberius Arms T8.1 Paintball Pistol - SOCOM Edition

Price: $249.99

SKU: 10561601

The Tiberius T8.1 SOCOM Edition. These guys thought of everything! The hottest pistol in paintball just got hotter with the SOCOM edition! All the groundbreaking features of the standard pistol with two new additions. The barrel is threaded at the muzzle to accept a screw on mock silencer for that mean Special Forces look. A tactical rail mounted laser sight with pressure switch makes those quick shots possible. Nothing demoralizes your opponent more than that glowing red dot pinpointed on their chest! A must for that special mission in your next scenario game.

The magazines hold 8 paintballs and 1 12gr CO2 cartridge, which reseals when the mag is removed to reload paintballs. Each CO2 cartridge will fire approximately 3 clips, 24 balls. Finally, it gives paintball pistols the authentic feel and look of a real pistol.


  • Highly accurate, advanced regulator making velocity fully adjustable
  • Gun operates below 350psi, ensuring constant performance despite weather and shot rapidity
  • Real gun action
  • Quick release barrel for cleaning, no mess, no tools required
  • First Strike equipped
  • Dual rubber detents
  • Side dovetailed iron sights
  • Optional remote air adapter connects directly to marker
  • Undermount tactical rail
  • 1 Piece aluminum upper receiver
  • Low profile tool-less CO2 quick puncture
  • Laser sight to ensure accuracy
  • Mock silencer for an intimidating look
  • Made in the USA with quality materials

Package Includes:
  • The Tiberius T8.1 pistol
  • 1 Mock Silencer
  • Tactical rail mounted laser sight

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    • 2013-07-22
    So i orderd this marker to have a sidearm. Havent goten it out to the field yet but have done some test fiering. It goes strait where you aim rigt out of the box. Its a mean loking pistol. If you want a t8.1 go for the socom it just looks soo mutch better with the silencer on. with the mock silencer on the accurasy is sligtley better and it just looks the buisness. Shooting firststrikes with this thing was just awsome the accurasy and range is just sick If you are looking for a side arm and have no plans to use it as a primeary the i would go with the Tippmann TPX. But this mean thing you can run as a side and primary arm no problems. The range is just as good as any other paintball rifel. This marker out ranges and out preformes most of the other pistol market. What is bad about it? Well the grip is too large for comfort but nothing that wil be in the way of your preformence on the field. Puting the magazines in to the marker isnt as smooth as on the tpx dure to the gas beeing in the magazines but this is not a problem you just have to give it a good smack up and you are readey It is all over a good marker. It is one all over good marker.

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