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Tippmann Flatline Barrel Commando Pack - Tippmann 98

Tippmann Flatline Barrel Commando Pack - Tippmann 98

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The patented Tippmann Flatline barrel system puts unique backspin on the paintball, which allows for up to 100 feet of increased distance. The Flatline barrel system still maintains paintball breaks on impact. Flatline Technology produces a level and accurate shot which carries 50% farther than traditional paintball barrels. By minimizing the upward trajectory of the paintball and increasing accuracy, the paintball player will effectively increase the amount of possible targets, many of which would normally be out of range. And now with the 98 Flatline barrels being threaded, no more wasting time trying to install it. Let me just make this even more clear - all you have to do now is screw on the barrel! In the past, to install a Flatline barrel was about a 10-minute production! In addition, the new tactical Weaver rails allow you to beef up your gun even more, not that this bad boy isn't already enough. Add a red dot sight, projection beam laser, tactical flashlight, or even night vision! Any tactical accessories that you'd like to add can be mounted right on to your new Flatline.

Kit Includes:

  • Threaded Flatline Barrel
  • Barrel Shroud
  • NEW - Tactical weaver rail - Mount any tactical accessory that you want!
Hustle Paintball Note - For optimal performance and backspin, use a slightly loose paintball to bore match to allow the paintball to correctly travel down the barrel of your Flatline system.

6 Position Tactical Car Stock (with lifetime warranty)

The stock has 6 adjustable positions which are easily changed with the squeeze of a lever. Unlike other stocks, this particular one is built from an extremely durable, military grade composite and will stand up to the rigors of the roughest player, while adding only a few ounces to your overall gun weight!

Extend it fully and lock it down for the slow, careful sniper shot. Yeah, the one that leaves your neighbor wondering why her cat is pink and orange. But there's more! You can slide it all the way in for a ultra-tight assault position or leave it halfway for a more casual, all-around position.

Installation couldn't be easier, takes about 2 minutes. If you need an ultralight setup for one game, you can even remove the stock in a flash!

Don't stop here, pick up a sling to easily carry your paintball gun around - this stock has a built in attachment to clip onto your marker's sling.

  • Compatible with your Model 98, 98 Custom, or Custom Pro (with or without ACT, Response or E-Grip)
  • 6 Adjustable Points
  • Durable Framework
  • Virtually unbreakable. Manufacturered from the same heavy-duty composite plastic used in military stocks. The tube is made specifically for paintball markers. You will never have to worry about rusting or screws coming loose.
  • Improves your shooting accuracy - quickly and easily adjusts to 6 different positions. This ensures that each individual gets a perfect fit, even when wearing protective gear.
  • Made in the USA and has a lifetime manufacturers warranty.
  • Military Grade Composite Construction - Extremely lightweight
  • Tabs For Sling
The facts are there, ladies and gentlemen, you just need to take advantage of this great piece of equipment and raise your game to the next level!

Heavy Duty Coiled Remote with Quick-Disconnect

This heavy duty remote is the step up from any other remote on eBay. You'll see other sellers with the "heli coil" and "micro coil" remote, both of which are just awful quality with low burst pressures. But more likely than the remotes bursting, you face issues like poorly machined hard parts (like the ASA and quick disconnects), low-quality o-rings in the Quick Disconnect Nipple (a rampant problem in other sellers' remote coils - something that's not very easy to fix, either).Hustle Paintball's remotes are guaranteed to work, or we'll replace it for you.

These heavy duty remotes have a working pressure so high (3500psi) that your tank's burst disk (safety feature) or a fitting on your paintball gun will fail LONG before one of these remotes has any problems.

Play in rough, thorny woods, toss it on the ground, or run over it - it just doesn't matter, these remotes are indestructable.

Oh yeah - and don't believe the hype about some remotes "cutting off air to your marker." These aren't garden hoses, which can easily be kinked. These hoses can withstand up to 8,000psi before bursting, so you'll have a tough time kinking them, either intentionally or accidentally.

A full 20 oz CO2 tank gets very heavy and very quickly. So take your tank off your gun and put it in a pouch or harness and connect your marker to your tank with the remote line. You will quickly realize that you have just lost a good deal of weight and gained a lot of mobility.

There are other benefits as well. Liquid CO2 will destroy your O-rings. The extra added length between the tank and the internals of your gun gives the CO2 more space to expand and greatly lessens the chance any liquid CO2 will enter your marker at all. The on/off valve allows you to turn off the air supply so you can disconnect without wasting addtional air. The quick disconnect allows you to remove the remote line without unscrewing the ASA adapter. This saves the O-ring wear that normally occurs when removing your tank.

This remote works with CO2 and HPA applications. It has a 3500 psi working pressure with a 8,000 psi burst pressure. It will stretch easily to over 8 feet and quickly recoil back to its compact position.

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