(24460101) Tippmann Flatline Barrel - 98/US Army

Tippmann Flatline Barrel - 98/US Army

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The patented Tippmann Flatline barrel system puts unique backspin on the paintball, which allows for up to 100 feet of increased distance. The Flatline barrel system still maintains paintball breaks on impact. Flatline Technology produces a level and accurate shot which carries 50% farther than traditional paintball barrels. By minimizing the upward trajectory of the paintball and increasing accuracy, the paintball player will effectively increase the amount of possible targets, many of which would normally be out of range. And now with the 98 Flatline barrels being threaded, no more wasting time trying to install it. Let me just make this even more clear - all you have to do now is screw on the barrel! In the past, to install a Flatline barrel was about a 10-minute production! In addition, the new tactical Weaver rails allow you to beef up your gun even more, not that this bad boy isn't already enough. Add a red dot sight, projection beam laser, tactical flashlight, or even night vision! Any tactical accessories that you'd like to add can be mounted right on to your new Flatline.

Kit Includes:

  • Threaded Flatline Barrel
  • Barrel Shroud
  • NEW - Tactical weaver rail - Mount any tactical accessory that you want!
Hustle Paintball Note - For optimal performance and backspin, use a slightly loose paintball to bore match to allow the paintball to correctly travel down the barrel of your Flatline system.

98 flatline barrel
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