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Empire Battle Tested Apex Tip

Empire Battle Tested Apex Tip

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So, Mr. Flatline, there's a new outlaw in town. This one comes in various configurations, and fits more guns. It's certainly easier to install, and you can swap it out for another barrel in just a quick second, whereas you take kindness and loving to swap out. We don't all have time for that, so the Apex Barrel System from BT Paintball just might be a bigger thorn in your side than you think.

Sure, it has a similar effect that you do - putting backspin, sidespin, or top-spin on the ball... what's that? Oh, you can only put backspin on the paintball, whereas the BT Apex Barrel Kit is fully adjustable to put whatever kind of spin you'd like. This isn't looking to good for you, Mr. Flatline.

Getting your paintballs to hook right or left, dive bomb and send shots long and low is bound to make you a few new enemies. All this with intuitive features that you tune even while under fire. Once you hit your target with your specialized shot, just turn off the switch and go back to normal firing.

So simple it hurts!

Unmatched distance and accuracy - Easy to tune and deploy. Simply dial in the amount of spin and twist the barrel to get the curve. So simple we don't supply instructions!

Apex Barrel Features:

  • The new revolution in custom barrels
  • On/Off capability (no more switching barrels)
  • Adjustable ramp switch - choose the desired level of curve
  • Left hook, right hook, drop shot and long flat trajectory shots with a twist of the barrel
  • Hit previously untouchable targets with new curve feature
  • Easy to ├┤Dial In" targets and change the level of curve
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully adjustable ramp switch

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