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The EMEK MG100 is one cool tactical paintball gun. It has a tacticool feel to it and has plenty of rails for accessories. It appears that the MG100 is capable of either using a traditional hopper fed system or you can switch to using magazines for an even more realistic experience. The EMEK MG100 is expected to use Dye Magazines that can also be used on the Dye DAM. Users will have their choice of shooting traditional round .68 caliber paintballs or they can use First Strike paintballs. In order to use First Strike rounds, you will need to use the Magazine Fed option as that is the only way to feed First Strike paint.

The EMEK MG100 is a mechanical paintball gun that is rugged and reliable and will stand up to the harshest playing conditions.

Pre-Orders will be available soon!

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Why do you want to own a brand new Planet Eclipse Emek MG100?
- Tough Construction - The Emek MG100 is build from a super tough GRN construction. Similar to real firearms, this gun will hold up through all the elements.
- Gamma Core Bolt - This is one of the best bolt designs to ever be seen in paintball. The Emek MG100 has a super smooth shot and sound signature that will keep you concealed.
- No Electronics - No batteries needed with this bad boy but its ultra short and smooth trigger pull will leave you with a great rate of fire.
- Shoot First Strike - Yes, this gun is 100% ready to shoot First Strike rounds right out of the box. Not familiar with First Strike Rounds? They are a true sniper paintball round with ballistic properties that will travel up to 60% further than a normal paintball at the same velocity. They also have a much flatter trajectory.